The Good news

Extra virgin olive oil, a superfood with an antioxidant action

Typical of Mediterranean cuisine and rich in numerous properties, extra virgin olive oil is a superfood with an antioxidant action.

It is a condiment that often has a bitter aftertaste. This characteristic is conferred by the high content of polyphenols, bioactive compounds that we can consider as real allies of our body.

Source of vitamins A, B, C, E, minerals and fibers, the “green gold” has several properties:

  • counteracts free radicals by carrying out an antioxidant action
  • prevents tumors
  • promotes intestinal balance
  • reduces high cholesterol levels

How to exploit the benefits of extra virgin olive oil every day?

The reasons why extra virgin olive oil falls into the superfood category are now clear.

We have previously provided some good reasons to include it in your diet. However, it may be less clear how to get the amount of oil needed to reap its benefits on a daily basis.

The solution comes from a research project by PreBiò srl and is called Youvon: a line of healthy food based on dehydrated pitted olive paste, practical and tasty to add to everyday dishes.

Let’s start with pure olive powder: Pure Powder. It’s incredible how a single spoon provides 100 times more polyphenols than a spoonful of EVO oil. Perfect to take as a food supplement, or used as a seasoning in different recipes.

For those who prefer a more crunchy texture try  Crunchy Stick Original. Tasty sticks designed to add a crunchy touch to savory dishes.

Finally, for those with the sweet tooth there is Crunchy Stick Natural Sweet. Enriched with lucuma powder, a natural sweetener with a low glycemic index, they are excellent for healthy snacks or breakfasts.