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From Garda DOP oil to healthy food: a story of Trentino excellence

Desire to innovate, passion and creativity give life to success stories. This is the case of OlioCRU: a story of Trentino excellence and a perfect synthesis between vocation to the territory and quality of the product. A company started in Riva del Garda by Mario Morandini,who in 2012 began the production of extra virgin olive oil.

In the estate in Arco, some of the finest cultivated fruits of Lake Garda grow. It is from these  groves that the olives necessary for the production of one of the mill’s flagship products are obtained: the Garda extra virgin olive oil, now certified with the Protected Designation of Origin Garda DOP Trentino which certifies the standards of production and quality, in compliance with a precise production specification.

Delicate and refined, Garda DOP Trentino  is one of its most popular oils.

Thanks to the pleasant notes of almond it manages, in fact, to enhance the flavor of the dishes it is combined with, without overpowering them.

But that is not all. In the name of continuous research into the possible reuse of olive processing inventories, OlioCRU has created Prebiò Srl and the innovative healthy food Youvon.

With Youvon, the olive becomes a healthy food

After having found the incredible properties of extra virgin olive oil, OlioCRU begins to work the olive paste, the product that remains after pitting. A choice that led to the creation of PreBiò Olive Powder: a concentrate of well-being for health, which in addition to having a very high nutritional value, has several characteristics:

  • it is rich in polyphenols;
  • contains vitamins A, B6, E
  • contains precious minerals
  • has a lot of fibers

Prebiotics, antioxidants and effective in strengthening the immune system: Youvon products  are all to be discovered