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Polyphenols: what they are and what function they have

Rich in precious properties, polyphenols are excellent allies of our body. Let’s find out what they are, their properties and health benefits.

Naturally present in various plant based foods, polyphenols are bioactive compounds that we can divide into lipophilic (dissolve in fats) and hydrophilic (bind to water).
The latter include:

  • flavonoids and flavones
  • phenolic alcohols
  • phenolic acids
  • hydroxyanimidic acids
  • lignans
  • secoridoids (exclusive of the Oleaceae family)

Without focusing too much on their chemical composition, it is important to know that polyphenols perform three main functions:

  • fight free radicals (particularly reactive molecules or atoms, capable of damaging the cell structure) by performing an antioxidant action
  • stimulate the immune system defense
  • help prevent inflammation, cardiovascular disease and cancer

They are excellent allies for our health. In particular, as antioxidants. They are perfect for those who perform intense physical activity and are therefore more likely to produce free radicals in greater quantities.

But what are the foods that contain them? If the diet is varied and balanced, it is likely that we are already getting our daily dose of polyphenols. If not, make way for green leafy vegetables, legumes, coffee, fruit, tea and… our beloved olives. This small oval-shaped fruit possesses it in large quantities.

The polyphenols of extra virgin olive oil

In recent years, the growing attention to a healthy lifestyle has highlighted the power of polyphenols, often highlighted in the sale of various food products.
First of all, extra virgin olive oil which, due to the presence of these bioactive compounds, acquires a spicy note.
Recognized for its antioxidant properties, it performs an effective action if it has more than 200 mg of polyphenols per kilogram.

However, perhaps few know that in the milling process tends to lose a large percentage of it, discarded together with the olive pulp. Such a pity.

With a view to enhancing the polyphenols naturally present in olives, Youvon Pure Powder is born, a fine powder obtained by drying the paste of pitted olives. Rich in fiber, it is a concentrate of polyphenols: just think that a spoonful of Pure Powder contains a concentration 100 times greater of polyphenols than the same amount of extra virgin olive oil.
Perfect for sweet and savory recipes, Youvon Pure Powder can be used as a seasoning or simply as a food supplement for our well-being.